History of our partners: Red Bull and Philipp Morris

Acvilin-Grup is a holding with an extensive wholesale network, covering all regions of Moldova and providing its customers with the best value for money. Rapid delivery of goods is carried out using modern fleet of vehicles, which allows you to provide the best goods and services without delay to a large part of the Moldovan population. A special pride of the Acvilin-Grup holding is a long and reliable partnership with world-renowned manufacturers, including such companies as Red Bull and Philip Morris.

Cooperation with Philip Morris began in 1999, since the moment when holding Acvilin-Grup became the owner of the exclusive rights to distribute tobacco brand products. Philip Morris corporation itself began its activities in London in 1847 as a small tobacco store, and today it already includes 58 tobacco factories around the world, which produce cigarettes of such famous brands as “Parliament”, “L & M”, “Marlboro”, “Bond Street”, “Chesterfield”, “Virginia” and “Red & White”. In addition, Philip Morris contributes significantly to the promotion of smoking harm, through research programs, as well as the production of a new generation of cigarettes. These tobacco products reduce the risk of smoking-related diseases. 

The Acvilin-Grup holding company’s partnership with the Austrian company Red Bull also proves its success every day. Its founder, Dietrich Mateschitz, was so inspired by the drinks of the Far East that he developed his improved recipe and a unique marketing concept that gave life to a new category of products – energy drinks. Today the Red Bull company employs more than 13.6 thousand people and sells the drink in 160 countries worldwide. In addition, the company organizes a huge number of international sports competitions and sponsors famous athletes and entire teams.

Acvilin-Grup Holding appreciates the trust of such global brands as Red Bull and Philip Morris, and will certainly continue to provide the Moldovan population with the best consumer goods in the future.

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