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Acvilin-Grup is selling goods all over the country - the wholesale network covers all the regions of the country, and bringing it close as must as possible to the consumer. The company offers advantageous conditions and the best correlation price and quality, guarantees quick delivery of the goods to the destination with a modern transport fleet.

Acvilin Grup does also the best that its goods and services become more accessible to almost the entire population of Moldova. “Metro Cash&Carry Moldova”, “Fourchette”, “Green Hills”, “Fidesco”, “Supermarket № 1” and also more than 6000 other organizations all around Moldova are the clients of the Acvilin Grup Company.

Acvilin-Grup — is more than 350 professional employees, 42 automobiles for delivery, and 89 commercials representatives, which have as a motto:” High-quality good through the high-quality service”. The collaborators do the best so that the goods of the well-known producers could be accessible in any corner of Moldova.


Throughout the history of the holding company Acvilin-Grup, one of the priorities is — the constant improvement of the service quality that the company offers to the Moldavian market. For more than 20 years, since the appearance of the company, it showed itself as a trustworthy partner and it achieved an irreproachable reputation of the honest player on the Moldavian market.


The foundation of Acvilin-Grup, the beginning of the activity in the field of consumer goods.


A new page is opening in the history of Acvilin-Grup. The company begins exclusively to distribute tobacco goods to mark Philip Morris International and the prestigious accessories of the brand S. T. Dupont.


Acvilin-Grup tries something new in its role—to the large spectrum of the company’s interests, it adds the import of the chairs produced by the company Art Metal Furniture (Dnepropetrovsk) and the office furniture of the concern MERKS (Kyiv).


This year the holding company Acvilin-Grup enlarges its portfolio of offering goods with the well-known brewery brands produced by the Russian brewery “Baltika


The holding company Acvilin-Grup becomes the exclusive representative of “Nestle” company goods on the Moldavian market and creates a separate subdivision, which sells a wide range of products of the manufacturer.


The portfolio of the offered products fills up, Acvilin Grup signs the contract with the company “Sybyrskiy Bereg” and that way it becomes the exclusive importer and distributor of this company’s goods.


Acvilin-Grup becomes a republican company, new subsidiaries are opened in the north and the south of Moldova, in the countries Edinet and Cahul.


A new partner — joint-stock company “Veda” — adds to the list of the known producers, with whom Acvilin Grup collaborates. Those are the brands of alcohol drinks as “Russkiy Razmer” and “Hlebnaya Doroga”. In the same year, the company continues to enlarge its operating activities and opens new subsidiaries in Beltsi and Comrat.


The company opens a new headquarters in Chisinau, due to the increasing number of the collaborators and the concomitant success; a headquarter that corresponds to the image of the modern and dynamic upcoming corporation.


An important milestone in the development of the company. The contract for the import and distribution of Vitmark-Ukraine products in Moldova.


The company becomes a distributor of the Trans-Oil Group of Companies. The high quality of the product and the efforts of our team have allowed Floris oil, and many other products of our partner, to become popular throughout Moldova.


This year Acvilin Grup entered into an import and distribution agreement with Morshynsky Mineral Water Plant Oscar PrJSC. The citizens of Moldova got access to high-quality products – Morshinska mineral water.


This year, ACVILIN GRUP and S.R.L. PHILIP MORRIS SALES & MARKETING, has signed an agreement for the distribution of a new IQOS product.


Acvilin-Group is actively developing its E-Commerce business in Moldova. The opening of the Scaune.md online store is an important stage in the digitalization of the company.

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