Acvilin Grup – build a successful career with us!

A clear vision of the mission, high ethical standards, financial independence, and progressive working conditions in the long term are what the successful career of each employee of the Acvilin Grup holding company is based on. It consists of enterprises affecting various fields of activity:

  • SRL Acvilin Grup – logistics, trade, and storage of food and tobacco products, furniture trade.
  • SRL Lux Proba has a similar line of business, including beverages and real estate.
  • SRL ZManagement – hotel sector, food service, and public catering.

Consequently, our company needs employees with different types of knowledge, and in return we are, ready to offer a unique human resource management policy, which is based on combining the strategic goals of the holding with the individual priorities of each employee. We provide unlimited career opportunities as part of a close-knit and dedicated team with team spirit and mutual support.

We have several rules that guide us in personnel management and these are:

  1. Mutual respect and socially acceptable distance in conversations;
  2. Employees are our partners who contribute to achieving the holding’s goals by achieving their individual goals.
  3. The employee is his leader, but takes into account the general rules of the company;
  4. We value independence and initiative to the end, which means generating ideas, but also finding ways to implement them.
  5. We encourage the initiative of personal development and learning.
  6. Our company encourages and financially motivates employees who recommend candidates for available vacancies.
  7. The selection is based on the compliance of the candidate’s profile with the requirements of the position and on sharing the holding’s values.

We value employees who make a sincere effort to advance their careers through personal and professional development. We, in turn, are ready to offer financial support in the acquisition of training and educational materials, and further promotion.

A career in Acvilin Grup is a path through self-development!

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