About Acvilin-Grup projects. Scaune.md, a large online furniture store in Moldova.

About Scaune.md.

The online store Scaune.md offers a wide range of furniture for home and office at the best prices. Close partnerships with suppliers allow us to achieve optimal prices for our customers. All this is to achieve our main mission.


We conquer discomfort together. Join us!

Our mission is to combat discomfort. Wherever Scaune.md products go, they make the world more comfortable and brighter. Whether it’s a computer chair, a kitchen or computer desk, a shelving unit or a rocking chair, it makes the new owner happier. Defeat discomfort with us.


Happiness starts with simple things.

We sincerely believe in this, and have already made many thousands of customers in Chisinau and Moldova happy. A computer chair makes work easier and allows you to work smartly, upholstered furniture and lounge chairs ensure that our customers are as fresh and cheerful as possible every day.


Scaune.md – comfort is easy.

A large team of specialists is working tirelessly on the Scaune.md project every day. Everything in order to make achieving comfort as simple as possible for you. Our IT specialists and managers guarantee fast order processing, a well-thought-out logistics system ensures fast delivery, and close relationships with suppliers ensure the best price and quality.

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