Red bull

Red Bull GmbH is an Austrian company that produces energy drinks (the most famous of which is the eponymous Red Bull carbonated drink). She is widely known as a sponsor and organizer of numerous sports competitions and competitions in motorsport, cycling, snowboarding, motorsports, and other sports.



While in 1982 on a business trip to Thailand, Dietrich Mateschitz (at that time held the position of head of the marketing department of the international brand Blendax) learned about the so-called “tonic drinks”, which were very popular throughout the Far East. The idea to sell these functional drinks outside of Asia came to him while sitting in the bar of the Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong.


The most popular Asian brand was Kratingdaeng (“water buffalo”). A drink containing sugar, caffeine and taurine.



It was a hand of fate or a mere coincidence, but on the eve of his arrival in Thailand, Dietrich fell into the hands of a list of the ten largest Japanese businessmen. Oddly enough, the first place in it was occupied by the man who “brought” the energetic Lipovitan D. to Japan.


The decision was taken. Mateschitz got the idea to create an energy drink with the prospect of world domination. His partner was Chalermo Yoovidhya, owner of TC Pharmaceuticals, which not only distributed Blendax, but also produced Kratingdaeng.



Each of the partners contributed half a million dollars to the start-up capital of the company and received 48% of the shares, and the remaining 2% went to the son of Yoovidhya. The entrepreneurs were ahead of difficult first steps.


In 1984, Mateschitz founded Red Bull. He refined the product, developed a unique marketing concept and in 1987 began marketing the Red Bull energy drink on the Austrian market. This was not just a completely new product launch: in fact, it was the birth of a completely new product category.

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