Construct Depo is a home goods shopping center.

Construct Depo is a home goods shopping center.


The trading platform features more than 50 free-standing stores, each with a separate entrance. Thanks to this architecture, a visit to Depo Construct is the best choice to buy everything you need to create a cozy home.


The assortment of the Depo Construct group of stores consists of a variety of products for home improvement, construction, renovation and finishing works, as well as for gardens and vegetable gardens.


A large selection of offered home goods guarantees that every visitor will find at a pleasant and favorable price, available for purchase in retail and wholesale:


  • building materials, doors, tools and electrical goods;
  • plumbing and everything you need for water supply;
  • a variety of floor coverings and tiles;
  • paint, decor and goods for outdoor use;
  • everything for the arrangement of the kitchen, furniture and household appliances;
  • goods for lighting the home and personal plot;
  • agricultural equipment and accessories;
  • tools and equipment for the garden and vegetable garden.
  • supermarket fourchette, dry cleaning, bank, etc.


A rich selection of products ensures that each of our customers will be able to choose the best option for decorating their home.


Make purchases at Depo Construct – and you will definitely appreciate all the benefits of cooperation with us.


Going beyond the boundaries of the building materials and furniture store, Depo Construct also provides all the goods you need in everyday life, right down to textiles and everyday products.


All these goods can be found in Chisinau at 16 Codrilor street.


Construct depo is a shopping center created taking into account how the retail trade in Chisinau will change in the coming decades. An innovative project for Moldova that has no analogues.


Increase your profits with Construct Depo thanks to:


Favorable location. 

The shopping center is surrounded by residential areas with more than 200,000 inhabitants. Buyers from Telecenter, Durlesht and Dumbrava have direct access to the shopping center along the Leusen road.


Showroom synergies.

The variety of product groups creates a constant flow of customers. Buying every day at the Fourchete supermarket, the consumer returns to the mall for long-cycle goods, for example: gas boilers or tools.


Opportunities to develop your personal brand.

At Construct Depo, you work under your personal brand. This increases the visibility and credibility of your company. Our platform engages buyers to become your loyal customers.


Reduce your costs with Construct Depo thanks to:


Affordable rental rate.

Your profit is our main goal. Our mission is to create a platform for mutually beneficial cooperation between small and large businesses, therefore we offer prices that satisfy both groups.


Lack of competition.

Your showroom will close a separate product group in its price range, avoiding competition with other stores in the mall. A buyer who comes to Construct Depo for products from your assortment will buy from you.


Sharing investments collectively.

Business related investments, be they security, logistics or marketing, are shared among all project participants. Save on all the costs associated with opening a showroom while getting the most out of them.


Build a long-term partnership with Construct Depo thanks to:


Expansion of partner projects in business.

Building mutually beneficial cooperation in a business environment guarantees the success of your business. We strive to create, and in every possible way support, new ties between our tenants.


Our willingness to meet our partners halfway.

A willingness to meet and support is the key to a long-term partnership. For example, during the COVID crisis, without waiting for a request from tenants, we announced a rental vacation.


The desire to scale the business.

Our idea is to unite small and large businesses on one platform, convenient for all participants. By constantly analyzing the market, we are looking for the best growth points and partners who are ready to grow with us.

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