About Acvilin-Grup projects. Cabinet Plus – solutions for offices.

About Acvilin-Grup projects. Cabinet Plus – solutions for offices.

Our mission is to improve the performance of our customers with the help of optimal solutions for organizing office spaces. We are convinced that the right furniture and its organization in the facilities of Your Company do have an impact on the interaction of office employees and the culture of the enterprise.


The Cabinet plus brand belongs to the legal entity Acvilin-Grup LLC. We have been working on the specialized market of office furniture since 2001. We are the direct and importer of office furniture, partitions, sound-absorbing solutions, chairs, accessories and lighting, and the official dealer of 22 manufacturers – including advanced Eastern European, Western European, Asian and American companies. We also implement non-standard projects using our own production site.


About brands in Cabinet Plus.

Quadrifoglio Group

Quadrifoglio Group is an Italian furniture brand founded over 25 years ago. Quadrifoglio Group creates office furniture, armchairs, lighting systems and accessories for well-being and prosperity within the workspace. The brand is distinguished by design, flexibility, functionality, quality and environmental friendliness. Italian furniture of European quality is the Quadrifoglio Group.


Bürotime is a Turkish furniture manufacturer founded in 1994. Since its foundation, the company has come a long way – from a local manufacturer to a world-famous brand. Office furniture from Bürotime is nothing less than perfection, while the manufacturer is guided by the rule of “modest ambition”. Difficult task for the multiple winner of the Red Dot and German Design Award.


Sandalyeci company was founded in 2002. A relatively young Turkish brand has chosen an original concept. Sandalyeci furniture made of natural wood and high quality steel, produced using a special technology. Sandalyeci wood for furniture has been naturally dried for over a year, achieving unprecedented low moisture and light weight. The production combines modern technologies and quivering manual work. The design and quality of Sandalyeci furniture for restaurants and bars has guaranteed her worldwide fame.


Antares International Group was founded in 1992, headquartered near Prague, in the Czech Republic. Since the day of its foundation, Antares has grown and moved on a progressive path, expanding its knowledge, skills and manufacturing capacity to offer consumers the best furniture. Antares products comply with ISO-9001 international quality standards, which confirm the high quality of the products and the good organization of the company. One of the leaders in the Eastern European market.


Narbutas is a growing international company headquartered in Lithuania. For more than 28 years, Narbutas specialists have been creating office furniture that meets the needs of not only contemporaries, but also future generations. Bold and innovative design solutions and consistent quality have made Narbutas successful all over the world. Perfection of design and new, fresh ideas allow Narbutas office furniture to be in demand and popular in the offices of leading companies around the globe.


Interstuhl is a brand founded in 1961 in Meßstetten-Tieringen. Interstuhl stands for advanced and comprehensive solutions in the creation of armchairs and chairs for offices. The production located on an area of ​​5600 square meters creates a high quality product thanks to the strong research potential of the company. The Interstuhl brand stands for excellence, primarily from a scientific point of view. Advanced materials and best technical solutions.

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