Philip Morris International

Philip Morris International

Philip Morris company began in 1847 with the opening of a tobacco store in London on Band Street. This shop lent its name to one of the first cigarettes brands produced by the company. Soon Philip Morris was not only selling fine tobaccos from South America, but also Cuban cigars and a variety of smoking accessories. Since then, the small store grew into the well-known manufacturer Phillip Morris International.

Philip Morris Products offered by Acvilin-Grup


With 58 tobacco factories around the globe, Philip Morris is currently one of the world’s leading makers of tobacco products. The company produces 7 of the 15 most globally popular cigarette brands including: Marlboro, L&M, Bond Street, Chesterfield, Parliament, Red&White and Virginia.

Philip Morris is also one of the leading promoters of smoking-related health campaigns, investing significantly in onlgoing research. A strong position of social responsibility combined with etermined corporative initiatives has lead to the creation of a new generation of tobacco products, aimed at reducing the risks of smoking-related lung diseases.

Acvilin-Grup and Philip Morris International

Acvilin-Grup’s collaboration with Philip Morris company began in 1999, when the Acvilin-Grup was grante exclusive rights to distribute Phillip Morris tobacco goods in its region. This courageous commercial decision and the mutual trust of the partners, gave Moldavian consumers the pleasure of smoking quality, regulated and approved tobacco goods, instead of resorting to cheap, unregulated tobacco goods of dubious quality. Today Acvilin-Grup offers its clients a full range of Philip Morris products, with product options targeting a variety of income levels and social strata.

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