Acvilin Grup is a bridge between business and consumer.

“Quality product through quality service” – for over 25 years.

Acvilin Grup Holding was founded in 1997. Leader in distribution and logistics in Moldova. Acvilin Grup is a company based in Moldova. Therefore, the company is very responsible for the impact the company has on life in Moldova.

Mutually beneficial cooperation – this is how we see business.

Acvilin Grup sees partners not only in those with whom it does business. Acvilin Grup employees, their families, and all civil society in Moldova are partners of the holding. As a company based in the Republic of Moldova, Acvilin Grup strives to improve and transform life in the country.

Acvilin Grup is an opportunity to develop a career in Moldova.

Employees of the Acvilin Grup holding very rarely leave – this can be considered an indicator of good working conditions. Working with world-class brands requires high professionalism from the holding’s employees. A feature of the company is the opportunity to build a career, benefiting your country.

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