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MERX furniture

The highest possible in comfort, design elegance and prestige detailing were realized in Chisinau offices through the exclusive partnership of MERX furniture and Acvilin-Grup. In 2000, the companies signed an agreement that began the delivery of high-quality ergonomic office furniture to the Moldovan market.

MERX was found in 1993 as an importer of fine furniture, household appliances and office equipment. 1997 marked the beginning of MERX' own exclusive line of prestige office furniture.

MERX concern is a true leader in its market and field. The company has worked hard to earn its reputation as the premiere Ukrainian furniture manufacturer for the 10 years running. Furnishings produced under the MERX brand are synonymous with quality beyond question. Thanks its sterling reputation for quality of its products and excellent customer service, MERX Company holds significant market share in both regional and foreign markets for household and office furniture.

Meeting and exceeding high European standards, MERX furniture brand is a symbol of elegance, style and comfort.

In collaboration with MERX, Acvilin-Grup provides a wide range of products - from comfortable task and office chairs to luxurious office furnishings of the corporate executives - famous for contemporary design and high quality at a reasonable price.