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S.T. Dupont

The name S.T. Dupont is known in the world of luxury and elegance. It is a mark of expertise and sophistication. S.T. Dupont products are exclusive accessories that symbolized more than index of high status in the business circle, but rather distinguish the wearer with a mark of true success, well-being, discrimination and respectability. The S.T. Dupont company is unquestionably a world-wide leader in producing the best of luxury accessories.


The world of luxury and elegance: S.T. Dupont

S.T. Dupont" began in 1872, as a producer of fine travel bags and suitcases. Its founder, Simon Tisso-Dupont, quickly won the esteem and respect of aristocrats and Paris exquisites thanks to the originality, superior quality and thoughtful design of the product. Development of the technologies necessarty to scale up manufacturing was a slow, step-by-by step process, as was introduction of varieties and styles of accessories. The company's uncompromising commitment to quality in its products resulted in a reputation for unparalleled and timeless products. The special attention to the details and innovation in manufacturing technology permits the introduction of new methods that remaining faithful to the traditions of quallity. For example, one of the distinctive features of Dupont accessories the sheen of the varnish, produced and applied according to a unique formula originally developed by Chinese jewelers.

S.T. Dupont is represented in Moldova exclusively by Acvilin-Grup. Acvilin-Grup offers clients a wide range of refined, subtle and superior quality accessories, from collar buttons and cigar snippers to tie pin and bracers well suited to the discriminating tastes and standards of truly successful men.