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AMF Company

The office armchair is one of the most important décor elements of the modern office. As staff spends the majority of work time using the task or office armchair, staff health and productivity direcly depend on it.

Art Metal Furniture

Armchairs from AMF Company

Art Metal Furniture (AMF) company is one of the most reknowned Ukrainian furniture producers and the vanguard in the design and production of office chairs and armchairs. Founded in 1999, AMF became an international manufacturing concern with 7 factories in Ukraine, Russia and China. The quality and reliability of the AMF products drove dynamic growth, with distribution in 36 countries.

These stylish and comfortable office chairs and armchairs are represented in Moldova by Acvilin Grup Company. AMF and Acvilin Grup created an exclusive agreement for product distribution, allowing Acvilin Grup to offer a wide range of high qaulity office furniture to our clients: from stylish task chairs to exclusive all-leather armchairs. A variety of construction, design and products options offered by Acvilin Grup makes customization easy and affordable. Our exclusive distribution relationship lets offices across Moldova keep up with the latest styles and trends in office furnishings.