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Career Selection Procedures

Selection Procedures

1. Send a Position Targeted CV

Candidates for positions with Acvilin-Grup should send a CV to Acvilin-Grup through our contact portal or our corporate headquarters address.

2. Initial Interview

After reviewing the CV of all qualified applicants for the position, Acvilin associates will invite selected candidates to meet with our Human Resources manager. This interview is conducted in order to identify not only the professional quality of the candidates for the position, but also the candidate's ability to work in a team, including assessment of social responsibility, moral habits and other psychological traits.

3. Interview with the Director

At the final stage of the process, two to three of the candidates are chosen as most suitable to fill the position. Those most suitable candidates are invited to meet for an interview with their future supervisor. The final decision regarding the final selection for employment in the vacant post is performed by the HR manager along with the director.