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Career FAQ

Questions and Answers

  • If I am interested in a vacancy posted on the site, where can I learn more information about it?

    You can write us an e-mail at

  • How soon will I receive an answer to my letter (with CV attached), and will I receive a response if the company is not interested in my candidature?

    Responses to letters of application for any vacant post will be sent following the examination of all letters of application for the position. The process may take some time (up to one month). Please note that we contact only selected applicants of interest to invite them to meet with us for an interview.

  • Can students work part-time or for short internship periods at Acvilin-Grup?

    The answer to that question depends upon the details of the vacant post.

  • Are there any age restrictions for hiring?

    We generally do not hire minors for positions. Acvilin-Grup is an equal opportunity employer. We employ persons from the the legal age of adulthood up to the legal age of retirement.

  • Does Acvilin-Grup offer positions only in Chisinau?

    No. Branches and subsidiaries of Acvilin Grup are located throughout Moldova, with labor and management positions required and in most of the regions we serve. It is standard to advertise the name of the city as well as the the name of vacancy in our vacancy postings.

  • It is necessary to write a cover letter?

    Cover letters are not required, but will be considered as part of the application package and may be helpful to draw a hiring manager's attention to your qualifications.

  • What is more important to the Acvilin Grup company: formal education or work experience in a relevant areas of trade?

    It all depends on the vacancy. There are some positions for which, of course, critical requirement is formal education, but there are also those positions where the most valid qualifications would be relevant applied knowledge, work experience and personal qualities.

  • What is Acvilin-Grup looking for during the hiring interview?

    We begin our assessment of the candidate the minute he or she walks into the office. Punctuality, professional demeanorand attire are important. We also pay attention to how the candidate answers our questions and presents him or her self. Answers hould be clear and on topic; examples drawn from actual work situations are generally given more weight. We also look examine the candidates professional demeanor and style of communication. We require openness and honesty.